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Season 2020 is starting across Europe. And you don't want to be left down by your machine because there was no time to do the necessary maintenance on your machine. Martin Holden from the UK wrote down some tips on how to check the #Walterscheid slip clutch before the season:
➡️ Check out the slip clutch on a stored unused PTO shaft. Easy job to do apart from having to get brutal with the main housing when you un-crimp it to allow the clutch apart. Most PTO manufacturers have a special tool to in-crimp the housing but I recommend a brass soft steel punch if you are attempting this on farm. This one was actually OK and not rusty.
➡️ A simpler way is to screw the 4 nuts down, so the pressure is taken off the housing and then engage the PTO at low revs, so it slips deliberately. However, on older clutches, I would recommend doing as shown here. By depressing the quick release clip which is held in place by a circling. After this, screw the four bevel spring nuts down so they depress the whole clutch in the main housing.
➡️ Then the housing edge can be un-crimped followed by undoing the four nuts to “release” the complete clutch pack. When you initially take it out of the housing note done the position of the springs, friction plates, and clutch surfaces so you replace them correctly and if the friction discs are black and pitted, change them!! They are not expensive and could save you hassle in the field when you really don't need it. It’s also worth checking the 2 outer bevel springs for any cracks; if so replace them immediately



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