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INTERVIEW: Andrej Selan about the modernization of production


The roots of the SIP brand date back 65 years to when the Agroservis workshop in Šempeter started servicing and then later on producing agricultural machinery. Today, SIP employs 250 highly qualified personnel, has a state-of-the-art and modern organised production facility and invests more than 10% of sales volume each year. The year 2019 was very intensive in terms of investments. We talked about investments and modernization of the production with Andrej Selan, COO assistant. 

What kind of investments are you seeing today in the production and what is the purpose of these investments? 
Investment could be divided into two parts, namely investments in hardware and investments in infrastructure. When we’re making decisions on investments, we above all strive for improvements in working conditions, optimisation of the work process and improved orderliness in both production and in its surroundings. By investing in machinery and equipment, the production is technologically updated, and we strive to ensure lean manufacturing and greater flexibility. This way we optimise the material flow and, with the increasing volume of production, we eliminate the bottlenecks of the production. 


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Can you name five major investments in the last year and describe the advantages they bring? 
There are the higher-performance bending press, to ensure bending of larger workpieces, and a smaller flexible bending press, to ensure material flow, to emphasize just two among five major investments. In the area of welding, we are richer for a robotic welding cell with two robotic arms and several positioners. We will continue to work on the automation of welding in the coming years, when we will add new robotic working positions to the 16 existing ones, which will allow even greater flexibility and stability of the process. We have placed great emphasis on modernising the heat treatment process this year. In October, we launched a new induction heat treatment furnace. Also a new grinding machine for external and internal cylindrical grinding and a lathe for processing larger workpieces will contribute to the quality of machine elements and increased capacities. 


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Working on a new bending press


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Yaskawa robotic welding cell